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RFI understand the imperative to automate complex industrial networks such as mining operations for both safety and productivity purposes.  Voice radio and data networks are essential to extend connectivity into all unique areas of an industrial environment. 
Our specialised team has utilised their expertise in surface radio and wireless data networks to develop and manufacture a suite of products that offer mine communication solutions via high-speed, fit-for-purpose, access layer network, to provide the last mile of data or power to any challenging industrial environment with linear topology.

Digital Drift – PROVIDING integral power & connectivity TO your complex industrial environments.

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Digital Drift_Agricultural applications


The Difference Digital Drift offers 

The solution combines Gigabyte Ethernet and power over one coaxial cable to provide data and power where it is needed. Other services like VHF Voice communications and Wi-Fi/LTE service can also be added to the solution.
Our Digital Drift devices are deliberately designed to be compatible with industry standards, allowing a wide range of choices for endpoint devices to be used.


Combines Data + Power

  • Digital Drift eliminates separate power distribution.
  • Power is distributed over the communications cable along with the data.


  • PoE+ outlets can be tapped off the cable wherever endpoint devices are required.
  • Power centres (DC UPS) can be consolidated every 1-2km, reducing complexity and cost.
Combines Power and Data

Any Ethernet Device

  • Adhere to corporate networking standards, without being tied to a particular vendor.
  • Use any standard Industrial PoE device endpoints.


  • Integrates with your existing distribution network.
  • Enables choice of your preferred endpoint devices.
  • Remote management and control.
Any Ethernet Device

Simple Installation

  • As easy to install as a leaky feeder system.
  • Provides full speed, native IP network.     



  • Your own tradespeople can advance and branch the network easily.
  • Damage can be readily repaired with simple tools.
  • Additional network outlets can be added to an existing cable.
Simple Installation for digital drift
Digital Drift leaky feeder systems are available to meet a variety of usage scenarios. The appropriate solution for each use case depends on its requirements & budget. See the table below to see which digital drift offering is best suited to your application. 
  Offering Digital Drift Table 2-way radio via LCX Ethernet outlets along the cable Continuous Wi-Fi (or LTE) from LCX
0 Gigabyte Data and Power    
1 VHF radio on Yellow LCX    
2 VHF radio + Ethernet, on Yellow LCX  
3 VHF radio + Ethernet + radiating Wi-Fi on Premium Broadband LCX (1/2 dia.)
4 Ethernet + radiating Wi-Fi on Standard Broadband LCX (7/8 dia.)  

Offering 1+4:

1.  VHF radio on Yellow LCX

2. Ethernet + radiating Wi-Fi on Standard Broadband LCX (7/8 dia.)




Digital Drift Conventional


Digital Drift Leaky Feeder


Digital Drift Radiating Wi-Fi

Service Bulletin - Replacing Oracle JDK with OpenJDK This Service Bulletin describes how to replace the Oracle Java runtime with OpenJDK.
Service Bulletin - Applying a firmware update to the Main Board via JTAG This Service Bulletin describes how to apply a firmware update to the Main Board of a Line Amp, LineAmp+Ethernet, QuadPort 2 or Repeater2 via a Texas Instruments JTAG programmer. 
Service Bulletin - Updated "live wiring" guidelines This Service Bulletin updates the recommended procedure when connecting the LineAmp into a powered leaky feeder cable. This revised procedure minimises the likelihood of the DC pass-through electronics being damaged during "live wiring" operations.
Service Bulletin - Applying conservative Ethernet over Coax (EoC) settings This Service Bulletin describes how to manually apply conservative Ethernet over Coax (EoC) configuration settings to a LineAmp+Ethernet (LAE) device. These conservative settings reduce the likelihood of the EoC signal coupling across an LAE device through signal radiation from the Leaky Coaxial (LCX) cables. When this coupling occurs, a network loop results, making the Ethernet communications unusable.
Service Bulletin - Applying a firmware update via the bootloader This Service Bulletin describes how to apply a firmware update to the Quadport2's Main Board via the bootloader. This operation is required to be performed on devices that are from the first production batch of QuadPort2 devices.

Still not sure which DIGITAL DRIFT OPTION is best suited to YOUR APPLICATION?