For over 40 years, RFI Technology Solutions have been distributing an extensive range of quality energy storage products. With both knowledge and experience, RFI has a solution for every solar and battery system type including residential, commercial, off-grid, on-grid and rural. 

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BYD - Authorised Distributor 

As the largest manufacturer of rechargeable lithium iron phosphate batteries, BYD has developed a range of PV+Storage solutions focused on renewable energy generation. BYD’s Battery Box Premium is a proven, safe, and robust battery technology for on-grid, back-up, off-grid, and commercial energy storage applications.

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Concorde Battery Corporation is a manufacturer of premium quality lead-acid batteries. Adopted by militaries worldwide, Concorde batteries are a maintenance-free, non-spillable and highly reliable energy storage solution. Concorde’s SunXtender range of AGM batteries has been specifically designed for solar applications where long-lasting power is required.

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Backed by over 30 years of manufacturing experience, Drypower offers a comprehensive range of sealed lead-acid and lithium battery solutions designed to meet the unique performance criteria in a wide variety of applications. Made to a premium standard, Drypower batteries provide long term value and have been trusted by private, commercial and government customers across the globe

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