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Introducing the Inseego Wavemaker™ PRO 5G outdoor CPE FW2000e

As an installer, you know the importance of providing reliable and high-performance connectivity solutions for your customer's business and residential locations. 

Look no further than the Inseego Wavemaker™ PRO 5G Outdoor CPE FW2000e. With an integrated 5G modem, high-speed 4G backup, and beamforming antennas, this product is the perfect choice for customers who demand the best in connectivity.

Explore FW2000e Wavemaker™ PRO's Key Features


The FW2000e Wavemaker™ PRO uses 5G high-speed low latency connections and specially designed beamforming antennas to maximise signal propagation distance, making it the ideal solution for Fixed Wireless Access applications.

The unique weather-proof design allowing for external mounting, combined with dual SIMs for redundancy, and enterprise level security makes the FW2000e the ideal solution for business and home fixed wireless access.

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What's in it for you?

Simple Installation and Setup: The FW2000e is designed for easy setup & commissioning. With an intuitive companion "mobile" app for simple or more complex networking applications.

Integrated CPE: No external antennas are required.

External CPE: Allows the CPE to be mounted externally to a building to ensure the signal received to the antennas is optimised. This will assist with speed and latency.

Multiple Deployment Options: The FW2000e is versatile, supporting various deployment options such as wall mount, pole mount, and desktop installation, making it ideal for a wide range of locations and applications.

Flexible product: Allows easy integration with a range of other systems.

What's in it for your CUSTOMErS?

Lightning-fast 5G Connectivity: With the latest 5G technology, the FW2000e delivers unparalleled speed and reliability to your customers.

Robust 4G Backup: Even in areas with poor 5G coverage, the FW2000e ensures uninterrupted connectivity with its high-speed 4G backup.

Inseego Connect web App: Provides your customers with the ability to monitor the devices and make changes to manage them remotely.

Enhanced Coverage: FW2000e is equipped with beamforming antennas, which help to focus the signal in the direction of the client device, resulting in better coverage and fewer dead zones.


The Inseego Wavemaker™ PRO 5G Outdoor CPE FW2000e is your go-to for FWA applications, where hardline ethernet isn't an option. Day 1 connectivity allows for a variety of applications. It provides fixed high-speed and low latency connection, resulting to no down time but constant productivity.


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