For over 40 years, RFI Technology Solutions have been distributing an extensive range of quality regulator products. With both knowledge and experience, RFI has a solution for every energy system type including residential, commercial, off-grid, on-grid and rural. 




Victron Energy has been manufacturing a wide range of quality renewable energy products for everything from small inverters and battery chargers to large scale commercial power hardware. With an unrivalled reputation for technical innovation and reliability, Victron’s products are built to the highest performance stands and are the professional choice for battery chargers and regulator control.

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Victron energy


Morningstar has been designing and manufacturing a range of quality regulators for over 25 years. With superior build quality they can withstand extreme environments and feature industrial protocol compatibility ensuring they are easy to integrate into industrial installations. Their products’ high reliability and environmental protections mean they are the ideal choice for a range of mission critical applications

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Schneider ELECTRIC

Schneider Electric is an industry leader in electrical devices, systems integration and energy management. Their Conext MPPT solar charge controllers offer industry-leading features and top performance for easy connection to PV array and battery systems. Backed by their best-in-class customer service and technical support, Schneider's charge controllers can be adapted to many different applications.

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Schneider Electric


Plasmatronics has been manufacturing solar power regulators in Australia for more than 20 years. With a wide range of products and solutions designed specifically for Australian conditions, Plasmatronics is one of RFI’s trusted brands of choice.

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